About fluxfilm

fluxfilm is a dedicated film production company at the heart of Stuttgart, founded by Nicola Wettmarshausen. Nicola Wettmarshausen is fluxfilm’s director and producer. She studied Chemistry, Art and Directing/Science Film at Ludwigsburg’s renowned film academy and is also a trained science journalist. She will be the contact person for your projects.

Film-making is teamwork. Depending on the nature of the project, fluxfilm works with a pool of freelance camera operators, cutters and motion designers. As a team, we will craft a new original – your film.

What does fluxfilm do?

fluxfilm produces films for research facilities, corporations, associations and NGOs.
About science, the environment, education, social issues. And your topics.

Our films run on any digital platform: on the web, on a tablet, on the big screen. We will be there for you with advice and support from the first consultation to the final digital product. Careful research and thorough briefings are paramount to us, as are compelling storytelling and a fresh, unique look.

How does fluxfilm work?

fluxfilm likes documentary work because there is much to discover. What lurks in the depths of the Blautopf spring? How is climate model made? What do we need olfactometry for? What became of the “fast breeder” nuclear reactor in Kalkar? What kind of creature is a waterbear?

fluxfilm is interested in people. People devoted to an idea, fighting for their cause. An African woman engineer who invented a biogas carrier bag. A student group who is dreaming up a wind-propelled vehicle. Or someone with a handicap facing the challenges of daily life.

fluxfilm will find the right spin. While documentaries move and stir emotions, animations can compact a story, or bring the invisible to light. We will find the right language for your subject.